polyester filament yarn manufacturers

The production process of Polyester FDY

●Refining PX from petroleum

●PX processed into PTA

●PTA + MEG polymerize into POLYESTER CHIPS or PET CHIPS.

PET CHIPS has been processed into POY by Germany Barmag ACW POY Machine:


And POY yarns are processing into FDY by Japan TMT FDY Machine

AA GRADE FDY yarns are waiting for packing

Pallet Packing

Carton packing

●We produce both semi-dull FDY and Triloble bright FDY.

FDY is a type of highly drawn polyester filament yarns which can be used to produce high strength fabrics and textiles.

●The fabrics and textiles made from bright FDY have a bright luster.

FDY is typically used to produce fabrics and textiles for making curtains, bed-sheets and carpets, high-end undergarments, high-end sports bags and sports shoes, and some home furnishings.

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About Us
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